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Looking for some information and haven't found it elsewhere on our website? Below is a list of questions we are asked on a semi-regular basis, hopefully you will find your answer here. On this page you will find general FAQs that apply to a broad range of our events. For more specific information please refer to the FAQ for the party format you are interested in.

Are you a venue?

No, we don't have a venue, we come to you. Our hosts travel to most places in the greater Sydney region. We can do parties in homes, halls, backyards, parks and garages.

What if I don't have enough room at home?

If you don't have enough space at home then there are a number of community, church and scout halls around that can be hired quite cheaply. If you are having trouble finding something appropriate in your area you can try calling us. Given the huge number of parties we have hosted we may know of a good hall near you.

We have also done a number of events in restaurants and cafes in the past. These can be very successful events however do keep in mind that a disco party can be quite loud. If you would be sharing a venue with other patrons, then you might want to consider an alternate location.

What ages do you cater for?

Each party format has different recommended age ranges. Please refer to the party format's FAQ page for more information.

Do you come to my area?

We travel to most areas surrounding Sydney and Adelaide. If you live in an area that would require a longer traveling time, then we are still happy to come out to see you, but we may need to charge a small additional travel fee to cover our petrol costs and driving time. This map shows the areas that we go to without charging any additional fees. If you live outside the circle shown on the map, then call us to ask about what additional costs may apply.


What happens in the event of bad weather?

Each party format has different wet weather options. Please refer to the appropriate party format's FAQ page for more information.

How can I pay?

When you book we require a $100 deposit to secure your booking. This can be paid by credit card over the phone. Alternatively we can send you an invoice so you can pay by direct deposit or cheque. The balance for your party is due on the day of your event which can be paid in cash to your party host.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable, particularly when making plans for children. As such we do try to be flexible with our cancellation and rescheduling policies. Once we have taken your details and issued an invoice, we consider a booking to be confirmed. This is regardless of whether the deposit has been paid. We understand that people are busy and sometimes paying a deposit can be forgotten (or internet transactions can sometimes get misdirected) so we do not cancel events if a deposit isn't paid. We would rather turn up to an event than risk not turning up to an event when we are expected.

For this reason, if you are cancelling an event you MUST call the office to cancel your event. If the event is being cancelled more than 14 days prior to the party date, there is no cancellation fee and any deposit that has been paid will be refunded in full. If you are calling to cancel after 14 days and but before 48hrs to the party, the deposit will be non-refundable but the balance of the party fee will no longer be owed. If a deposit was not paid but event is cancelled, payment of the deposit will be expected. Cancellations with less than 48hrs notice will require full payment.

Events that are being rescheduled more than 7 days prior to the event will have no fee for rescheduling. Events that are rescheduled between 7 and 2 days prior to the event may have an additional $50 rescheduling fee charged, depending on the circumstances. Events rescheduled less than 48hr prior to the event may have an additional $100 rescheduling fee charged, depending on the circumstances.

E-mailed cancellations and reschuling requests are not considered valid. As e-mails can occassionally get lost or overlooked it is important to speak to an office team member on the phone.

These cases are seperate to our Wet Weather policy regarding rescheduling that applies to several of our party formats. For more information on our wet weather policy please refer to the FAQ page for the party format you are considering.

Do you do adult parties?

For discos the short answer is, sorry but no. DJing music for adults is very different than children so we really do recommend you find a company with experience in adult events.

With the Nerf and Slime parties we would be willing to discuss doing an adult event however we do have to insist that no alcohol is served at the event until after we have finished. This is a requirement from our insurance company so if you don't like it you can take it up with them! :)

Have you heard about the word?

Yes, we have heard that the Bird is the Word.


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